About Us

Capital Artworks is committed to creating personalized art - including caricatures, murals, cartoons, illustrations and more - incorporating details, current events and the images of your life that make each piece a memory instead of just a drawing.

Mike Jenkins started drawing as a child in Richmond, Virginia, and soon became known throughout his high school for panoramic cartoon strips which promoted the school’s soccer team. A summer job at King’s Dominion park in Virginia (1977) launched his caricature-drawing career which he took to Six Flags park in Georgia in following years.
As the editorial cartoonist for the Beaumont (TX) Enterprise during the 1980s, Mike honed his political commentary via cartoons before relocating to metro DC. As the staff editorial cartoonist for the Journal Newspapers, Mike focused his drawing pen on local beltway politics for 20 years.  As the newspaper industry ran aground amid new economic realities, Mike retooled his strength: an organic, humorous approach to artwork which is rarely captured in an art world filled with technical expressions of color, line, and form.
Mike’s growing network of artists and customers ensures a uniquely professional and entertaining experience – limited only by the imagination.