Maggietopia cartoons depict the antics of a funny little girl. Each Maggietopia cartoon illustrates an honest-to-goodness true story, told in a way that no one but this little Maggie can tell. 

It's her world - we just visit sometimes for laughs!

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Capital Artworks' Mike Jenkins has created this Maggietopia comic strip because there is no better medium with which to tell these TRUE stories of a very funny little girl.

Some things are best left to the imagination...

It's Maggie's world - we just visit for laughs!

The nativity scene in Maggietopia has a decidedly different feel to it

If you're ever feeling old, at least you're probably not older than most punctuation marks.

One often wonders about the origin of one's name... but named after a TREE?!

I guess Peter Pan is immune to air sickness during those long flights to Never-Never Land.

Come on - what would YOU do if your cat startled you enough to make such a mess? 

I couldn't have said it better myself.